New living room furniture in Edgewater

Finally got to put in the new living room furniture in Edgewater Cottage. Two new loveseats and a new chair. 

Due to Covid 19 the furniture only took 6 months to come in:) Ordered last May and they finally arrived in November. 
Fay & I have spent the last 8 days doing spring cleaning in all cottages. There was not a surface left untouched!!! Let me tell you I’m not getting any younger:)
Now we’re just waiting for some clarity from the government as to what date we’ll be allowed to open. 

Scott’s working on changing spark plugs and oil on all motors. He’ll be getting the boats out next week. 

It’s way too hot today – feels like 31C….Not the Spring weather I love. When I was young I loved the heat but now 20C is perfect!
Can’t wait to see everyone!

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