Smallmouth Bass

Lake Nipissing has one of the most underrated smallmouth bass fisheries in the province. Our guests really enjoy the great fight they get when reeling in a smallmouth.

When targeting smallmouth bass look for any rocky point or secondary point. Smallmouth can be found in depths from 2′ to 20′. Smallmouth bass may be found in both still and running water and I’ve read that a strong smallmouth bass population indicates a healthy lake.

The smallmouth bass is generally brown in colour with dark brown vertical bands along their sides. The upper jaw of smallmouth bass extends to the middle of the eye.

Males are generally smaller than females. The males tend to range around two pounds, while females can range from three to six pounds.

Pitch and retrieve a tube jig or small spinner bait.  Leeches are also very effective.

New 2022 regulations for Bass fishing on Lake Nipissing: Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass season opens the 3rd Saturday in May. Take limits: Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass or any combination – Sportsman fishing licence – 6, Conservation licence – 2.



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