A bit of history on the yellow Walleye currently found in Lake Nipissing.

In the early 1900’s Lake Nipissing was known to have blue Pickerel. When blue Pickerel became over harvested then the yellow Walleye was introduced – stocked – into Lake Nipissing in the 1920’s and this is the Walleye species anglers harvest today.
It has been noted that yellow Pickerel are better suited to Lake Nipissing than blue Pickerel as blue Pickerel require deeper water than yellow Pickerel. It’s been decades since a blue Pickerel was caught in Lake Nipissing. Even though there are several Walleye caught with a blue tinge to their colouring this is still a yellow Pickerel.

What is interesting to note is that when the blue Pickerel was over harvested the solution was to do a large scale restocking program which was hugely successful.

Jigheads or worm harnesses are commonly used on Lake Nipissing for Walleye.  Lake Nipissing’s tea coloured water requires light coloured jigheads and worm harnesses. In the Spring you will find Walleye in shallow water (4 to 10 feet depending on water temperatures)  Walleye will be found in deeper water in the Summer, 21 feet being the most common target depth in Callander Bay. When the water temperatures drop in the Fall, look for Walleye off points or around the islands.

New 2022 Walleye regulations for Lake Nipissing: Walleye opens from Jan. 1 – Mar. 15 & 3rd Sat. in May – Oct. 15. Walleye S-2, C – 1, must be between 40-45 centimetres 



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