Hard @ work getting ready to open next month!!!

April 13, 2021:

We’re back @ the resort and hard at work getting ready to open next month….That’s if we’re not in lockdown again! 

Great weather we’ve had this past week. Temps in the mid 20C range – beautiful. Hopefully we’ll be getting our boat in soon so we can spend some time exploring the lake:)

This is the first time in years that the snow & ice has melted prior to early May. Great opportunity to get some tasks done that we usually don’t have time to get to. 
I’ll be raking, spreading dirt and adding grass seed to various locations over the next week.  I’ll also be getting a little interior painting done over the next couple of weeks.
In Hilltop Cottage Scott has installed an exhaust fan over the stove, a new kitchen sink and new taps for both the kitchen and bathroom sinks. (We’ve purchased all new kitchen and bathroom taps for all cottages and Scott will be installing them over the next few days)
The 2 loveseats I ordered for Edgewater Cottage, last May, did not come in until November so I had the company keep them in their warehouse until now and they will be delivered at the end of this month. 
Our water trampoline slide bit the dust last summer so a new one is on it’s way and should be here in the next week or two. 
Last Fall Scott ordered 11 new Mercury 25HP 4 stroke motors to replace our 2016 motors but he just heard that due to the pandemic they won’t be available until late Summer or early Fall. 

Thankfully, every year, our list of “To Do” prior to opening gets a little smaller:) 

We look forward to seeing everyone soon. 


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  1. Hello Scott and Christine,
    Great to get an early start.. hoping COVID will get under control and enable everyone to get back to the new normal.
    We are all Looking forward to getting up for a visit and enjoying Glen Echo to the fullest.
    All the best.
    Stay Safe

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