Beautiful Spring Day

It’s a beautiful Spring day today with a high of 23C. (Perfect temp not too hot:)
Scott’s gone out to do some evening fishing as he’s been working all day getting boats into the water.  The place looks great….we just wish we could share it with our guests.
We could not open in May due to the province wide shutdown. People were only allowed to leave their homes to get groceries, go the Dr.’s or get some exercise. Thankfully, the state of emergency stay-at-home order expires @ midnight on June 1st. 

Scott’s finished renovating the one Lund with trolling motor. I’ll have to get a picture so you can see how great it looks. He’s also working on building new legs for some of our exterior patio tables. He put new tops on 5 of the tables and then said he didn’t like the legs so he’s building new legs…..(Doesn’t everyone:)

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!


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  1. gerald mathias June 2, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    are you opening this weekend

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