Happy Holidays!

December 26, 2015

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!!!

Scott & I have been visiting family and friends for the past week and just got back to the resort today. As we both come from large families, (7 kids in each family), we had a chance to catch up with all of our siblings. It was great seeing everyone and all the holiday dinners were amazing.

We were surprised to see a few downed trees when we got home but we had read that there were strong winds a couple of days ago. Scott’s already out removing one of the trees that fell across our driveway.

I’ll be starting the day by day narrative of the weather and keep everyone apprised as to when we’ll be opening for the ice fishing season. We have already cancelled opening weekend and we’ll know in the next few days whether there’s any possibility of opening the January 8th weekend. It’s currently -1 C going to -5 C this evening.


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