Putting out docks

Scott has been hard at work putting out all of our docks. It’s currently just -2C outside and much chillier down at that water.
Sad to say I still have our fireplace going all day long. Will definitely be glad when the warmer weather shows up later this week.

Our son Tim is helping to get the docks and boats out in the next few days. I’ll be starting to clean the cottages this Thursday as I’m waiting for the warmer weather so when we turn the water on at all cottages we won’t have to worry about frozen pipes. 

We’ve been doing small jobs around the resort this past week. I’ve got my endless list of small jobs and with the delay in opening I’ve been able to sweet talk Scott into doing some of them:)  Scott has built a couple of  frames for bathroom mirrors, built new towel racks, toilet paper holders and robe hooks with galvanized pipe. He’s built new shelves to go into some of the bathrooms. He’s building new coat racks, installing new mini blinds and I even talked him into changing the fan motor in bathroom fan in Sunset Cottage. (I told him it was too noisy:)
Scott’s getting a little tired of my never ending list)! I’m not telling him that every time I walk into a cottage I find one or two more things I’d like done:) 
Putting out all docks


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