Two weeks to opening!

May 6, 2017,

Just two weeks to opening!  Only 3C today and it’s rained all day long with the forecast showing the same for the next few days. Definitely does not feel like Spring-like @ the moment.  Lake levels are extremely high and will only be rising with all this rain. Scott got out the floating docks the past few days and there’s nothing better than floating docks…No fear of docks floating off their cribs and no wet feet:)

Scott’s working on a couple of projects in his shop today. We’ll be turning the water on tomorrow so we’re ready when the staff arrives Monday to help clean the cottages.  I’ve spent the past couple of days taking down all drapes and washing them and taking down all the bed linen so we’re a little ahead of the game on Monday.

Scott & I picked up the couch and loveseat for Lakeview Cottage today. (Finally came in)!!!!
Scott just has to complete some tiling in Lakeview before we put the new furniture in the cottage.

Two weeks to go!!!

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