Bitter Cold – December 15, 2016

Wow it’s bitter cold out there this morning. North Bay is recording -25C this morning and our outdoor thermometer is reading -19C.  Great day for building ice, you can see the water has pushed through the snow in the channel which is a great sign that the snow is not insulating the ice.

Today is the perfect day to curl up by the fireplace and read a good book or watch a few movies.

Snow squalls yesterday were fierce and caused near whiteout conditions.  Scott and I were in North Bay yesterday getting the alignment done on the truck as well as getting new winter tires installed. (What a difference winter tires make). The dealership drove us over to the mall as they said it would take 2 hours to complete the task. For those of you who know Scott he is not a “mall” person. He hates shopping and the last thing he wants to do is walk aimlessly throughout a mall. We walked the mall for 2 hours then called to be picked up to wait at the dealership where we ended up waiting another hour before the truck was finally ready!  It was a lesson in patience yesterday:)


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  1. Somehow I can’t picture Scott in a mall for 2+ hours. Congrats for sticking it out!

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