Ice Fishing February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015

Wow what a difference a day makes.  Yesterday was the best day of ice fishing I’ve had in a long time but tonight was back to normal.  I fished from 4 pm until 6:15 pm and caught 10 Walleye.  The soft bite is back and you need to finesse them.  The Webster boys didn’t have much luck in 25′ of water all day but it didn’t take long to pick up a bunch of Walleye when they moved over to my day hut in 10′ of water.  The guys said all the Walleye were small but it was fun to catch them… Just a reminder that fishing with a lure or jig head, no matter what you have hooked on it, is less likely to be successful.  “Keep your minnows fresh”.

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