Sunset Cottage

May 12, 2023,

Sunset cottage is now a beautiful 2 bedroom Executive lakefront cottage with a great overhang over the front deck.

Scott has built a new kitchen with a dishwasher, put in new windows, new doors, completely renovated the bathroom and changed the bed configuration. Check out the new photos on the virtual tour of Sunset cottage.

Initially, in April, water levels were extremely low and we were concerned about the issues that come with low water. Here we are a month later and the levels are so high Scott had to put all the garbage cans filled with water on the docks with cribs to keep them from floating away:) Thankfully, water levels have seemed to peak and we are optimistic that we won’t have high water issues!

Fay and I are currently doing Spring cleaning and we’ll have all the cottages fully cleaned and ready for our guests who are arriving in just 1 week.  Scott has put out the floating docks and has launched all the boats required for opener. He’s holding off on getting all the boats out until the water level lowers a bit more.

We look forward to welcoming our guests on the 19th.


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