Preparing for high water levels

Scott took a break from working on the million and one things currently on his list of “things to do” to prepare for high water levels!
Lake Nipissing is experiencing some of the highest water levels recorded in decades. A few years ago he raised our boardwalk a good 8 to 10 inches so we’d never have to worry about high water…Never say never:) The water level just started to creep over the boardwalk and the forecast is for levels to rise several more centimeters over the next week. He spent all day today putting a boardwalk over the boardwalk. He’s increased the height an additional 8 inches from our steps to the floating docks. (Approximately 80′ of new walkways) Those old ice fishing decks came in handy today:)

installing new boardwalk on existing boardwalk

We do all we can to ensure our guests have an enjoyable stay. We are still asking those visiting the first couple of weekends to bring waterproof footware.

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