Wood chipper hard at work

December 13, 2016,

Scott and I spent a few hours with the wood chipper clearing away some of the trees that came down a couple of weeks ago.

Woke up to -2C this morning but the next week is showing some extremely cold temps. There’s approximately 20 cms of snow out on my front deck which may affect ice growth on the lake. It’s amazing how effective snow is as an insulator.

Witnessed a really sad sight the other day. Scott and I were working down by the waterfront a couple of days ago and witnessed a deer go through the ice. The deer came off Smith island and was approximately a third of the way across the channel when it went through. What an awful feeling knowing there was nothing we could do. Even harder watching the bald eagle make himself at home while waiting for the final outcome.  Doesn’t get any more real than that!

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