Great day on the Lake

October 12, 2016

Scott and I spent a great day out on Lake Nipissing today. Temps were 17C, sun was shining and we had blue, blue skies.

We spent over three hours on the lake.

We’ve talked about boating the French River for years but it’s usually late fall when we have time for such a trip and we’re either too busy or it’s too cold for a lengthy boat ride. Luckily,  today was the first day since we opened in May that we had the place to ourselves so we filled the boat with gas and traversed the Upper French River.  Beautiful spot but I’m glad we had GPS as I could see me getting lost in short order!

It’s always surprising the different conditions you can face on one body of water. Leaving Callander Bay it was smooth and calm as glass, it picked up a bit heading out onto Lake Nipissing but when we reached South Bay I couldn’t believe it we were facing waves!!! You take for granted having a secluded location.

So glad we took the time to just enjoy a day out on the lake. It was a great day!!!


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