One Weekend Remaining!

March 1, 2016

One weekend remaining before we take our huts off the ice. Woke up to -20C this morning with it warming up to -10C this afternoon. We are still measuring 16″ of ice. Usually at this time of year they’ve had to put the extensions on the augers to drill holes. It definitely won’t take long for the ice to melt this year!!! (Not like the last couple of years where we’ve had ice up to early May)

Yesterday was a great day to stay indoors! Although we only got around 6 or 7 cms of snow yesterday afternoon the winds made for very poor visibility. We had wind gusts up to 60kms an hour and from our front deck you could see the snow drifts forming out on the lake. It looked like waves of snow. The problem with snow drifts is that when you are on the lake you don’t see them like you do from above.

Scott went out late yesterday afternoon and visited with our guests out in the Super Huts. He set up one of our wooden tip-ups and within an hour had caught 2 Walleye. The guys were dumbfounded as they had fished that hole for days and not caught a thing. Even their fancy electronics weren’t showing any fish…they only saw the fish on screen as Scott was pulling up the line.

I don’t remember the last time Scott was sick but whatever this bug is has gotten a hold of him good. Thankfully he has a couple of days to do nothing but rest.

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