New E-mail Address – – What is Bell Doing???

New e-mail address:


Bell Canada purchased Neil Communications years ago. Bell allowed existing clients to keep their e-mail addresses ending in””

You can imagine our surprise when our e-mails stopped coming through on Friday. Apparently Bell decided to no longer support “”.  How can Bell make this decision without notifying existing customers and giving them time to change their e-mail address?

Bell business department will be hearing from me on Monday morning!

A big thank-you goes out to my web designer/host – Tyler. He put the new e-mail address up for us in a matter of minutes. (Even on a Saturday)

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  1. Save your time calling Bell. Thier customer service is horrible and you won’t get anywhere.

    If anything you will be transferred multiple times to different departments. A few weeks ago when I called in I was speaking to someone from an island in the caribbean. After she didn’t know how to help she said that she would call back. I’m still waiting for the call back.

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