Great midweek fishing!!!

When Joe and his buddy arrived at the office, I told them they would be fishing in ten feet of water, they were a little reluctant.  They first got to the hut around 2 in the afternoon and I told them that the bite should turn on around 4 ish.  The guys are experienced fishermen and Joe showed me the setup him and his dad have used on Nipissing for years.  I laughed but it turns out Joe gets the last laugh because it has been extremely successful, even catching the only white fish I’ve seen in years on it.  They have caught white fish, herring, pike and an abundance of walleye, I think they are sold on ice fishing in shallow waters in late February.  Keep in mind that shallow is typically only good fishing in the morning and late afternoon.  I have been preaching just a minnow and hook, however Joe has done extremely well jigging hard, sorry I won’t give up what setup Joe uses.

Keep your minnows fresh….

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