Cementing Driveway

Scott is constantly working to upgrade the property. He rented a mini excavator to dig up the existing driveway. Scott built the forms, put drainage pipes in, over 5″ of clear stone and laid re-bar in preparation of pouring the cement. Within 4 days the new driveway was complete from the beach area to the fish cleaning hut. (A big THANK-YOU to Scott’s brothers and his father for coming to assist with pouring the cement). He would have continued cementing more of the driveway but as he’s in the midst of renovating Lookout Cottage he had limited time. If only I could clone the man:)


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  1. Hello Scott: our group of 18 will be returning for the June 12 – 15th weekend. My brother Ed is very relieved that the hill now has concrete, with his Dodge truck it was very treacherous (not a problem for those of us with Chev or Ford) Looking forward to seeing all the improvements you continue to do.

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