Family Fishing

Family Fishing!!!
Since we can’t have any guests visit Scott invited his brother and our nephew up for a few days of family fishing.
They went out last night and caught 4 keeper Walleye and several really large Perch. (Over 60 fish caught in their few hours of fishing)
They had a great time and will be having a great fish fry today.
It’s great being able to spend some quality time with some family members. Both Scott & I come from very large families and we miss the loud and boisterous gatherings we’re accustomed too. 
Temps have been outrageously hot the past few days – going up to 33C the other day. Almost got to the point where we put in the air-conditioner, the only thing that stopped us was the fact that we are going to have a cold front go through soon. The future forecast shows a low of 2C overnight on Saturday which means I’ll have to start the fire again. Crazy temps lately.

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