Building New Kitchen

Ongoing improvements continue! Scott has decided to build a brand new kitchen for Hilltop Cottage. Yes, he built a new kitchen for this cottage a few years ago but it was paint quality and he wasn’t happy with the quality of the cabinets so he’s decided to build a new one. There’s no talking him out of it and since he can build a kitchen in a week there’s no reason to try:) He’s got all the cabinets built and now he’s working on the shelves and doors. It’s amazing what he can make with the tools he’s got.
I’ve completed painting Hilltop Cottage and if the snow ever goes away I’ll be heading down to a couple of other cottages to freshen them up as well. I can’t wait to get the new furniture down to the cottages. (Four cottages will be getting new couches and loveseats this year)


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